One-Stop Print and Internet Yellow Pages Services”.

I work with, but not for, every print and digital yellow pages publisher in the nation.
Yellow pages, print and internet, of today are much more than just a directional media.
It’s even more important to advertise in them. If you're in one book or 100's
Among the challenges and irritations most business owners and managers have these days.
Are the constant barrages of calls, emails, direct mail, and personal visits from sales people
wanting to sell you that
“next big thing”.

The trick is finding the time to decide what is, or is not, a good deal and keeping you
on top of running your  business.

That’s where the YPGuy comes in. I filter though the “proposals and deals”.
Research the companies and the offers.
Then prepare reports and recommendations that is the "best bang for the buck".
Then if the proposal is s good fit for your business, and with your approval, I will place the orders with the various publishers on our behalf. Then monitor all the "Back Office" stuff that goes on before publication.
YPGuy is ready and able to show you yellow pages (print & internet) solutions that will harness the power of yellow at the lowest price possible! I am a fully qualified Independent Yellow Page Consultant, with contacts in every major utility and independent Yellow Pages print and digital publisher on the planet.
Ready to free you from the work and worry of managing complicated print and internet yellow pages programs.

So you can get about your own business of making your business grow.

No more trying to keep track of close and publication dates.
No more calls to voice mail when trying to reach your Yellow Pages rep.
No more back and forth confusing emails or direct mail packages to sift though.
No more conflicting data on competing directories and internet bundle packages.
No more trying to understand what all the “alphabet soup” internet offers are.
No more hassles . . . none.


What does this service cost?

Only $99.00 a Year!

That’s right just $99.00 a year.
Here is even more
VALUE --- For customers I'll will waive that fee for one year.
Then after that first year we will invoice you just $99.00 at the end of the second year.
Then you pay ONLY if you’re satisfied with my service during those first two years
My purpose is to work with you on a continuing basis to make sure your print and internet advertising is doing all that it should to improve your bottom line.

Please check out my references --- Click Me or Call Me (360) 273-6888